Pennies for Us — Millions for Them

HPMC management is proposing no wage increases for over 50% of the membership and a very small increase for the rest of us.

Yet, in 2013, HPMC reported a $7 million dollar “distribution to partners.” When our Union bargaining teams asked HPMC management for their parent company financials so employees could understand why HPMC management has proposed no raises for a majority of employees — while taking $7 million out of the hospital and distributing it to the owners — HPMC management refused.

HPMC management can clearly afford to give all of us a fair wage increase and they have no need to try to force healthcare and education takeaways on us. We all must show management we are ready to strike.

Get a sticker from a Bargaining Team member or your Union Representative and wear it to show your support.

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