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Q:   What do the following have in common?

  • California’s mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios (2004)
  • The Safe Needle Act (2000)
  • California’s Safe Patient Handling legislation (2011)
  • Prevention of violence in the workplace legislation (2009)
  • The Federal Affordable Care Act (2009)

A:  Passage of these laws have all been partially funded by SEIU’s Committee on Political Education or COPE.

As Registered Nurses and healthcare professionals, we face many challenges. If we have no voice in Sacramento or Washington DC legislatively, then we are at the mercy of those with unlimited funds to make whatever laws would benefit them.

We must use our membership strength and ability to pool our money to fight for issues important to RNs and all working people. If we don’t, we can’t hold lawmakers accountable for protecting our rights and the rights of our patients.

Our Union, SEIU Local 121RN, collects voluntary donations to our Committee on Public Education (COPE) to expand and preserve workers’ rights on the job, protect our patients, and preserve appropriate funding for the services our hospitals provide.

Click here to sign up to contribute to SEIU Local 121RN COPE.

Thank you for your participation in protecting our rights as Registered Nurses and working people! 

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