Sierra Vista Rehab RNs Win Raises, Improved Working Conditions

Registered Nurses at Sierra Vista Rehabilitation Center in Highland, Calif., ratified their first contract with management in August. Four nurses originally approached SEIU 121RN about joining 121RN in 2012 because they were working nearly non-stop with lower pay than comparable facilities and few benefits.

Now with five RNs in the Bargaining Unit, the nurses will be placed on an initial years of experience wage scale, and will receive across-the-board raises of 1 percent twice a year, for a total of up to 18 percent over the four-year contract.

Other contract wins:

  • RNs will now have every other weekend off instead of the previous every sixth weekend off.
  • Full-time employees received a $400, and part-time and per diem nurses received a $200 contract ratification bonus.
  • Existing RNs and new hires will be placed on the wage scale based on continuous years of experience as an RN in a skilled nursing, acute care, long-term care, rehabilitation or specialty facilities.
  • A comprehensive grievance and arbitration procedure.
  • $1 per hour shift differential for weekend work.
  • Creation of workplace safety committee.
  • Minimum reporting pay.
  • Recognition of seniority with respect to shift selection, overtime, transfer, layoff, recall, reduction of hours and promotion.
  • Job security language to avoid layoff or displacement of workers.
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