AHMC Management Proposal Adds Insult to Injury

AHMC management added insult to injury with their wage proposal to our Garfield Medical Center and Greater El Monte Community Hospital Union Bargaining Team on Monday, April 6.

  • Management cut our medical benefits significantly without negotiating with our Union.
  • The management Bargaining Team outright rejected our Union Bargaining Team’s modest contract proposals.
  • Management’s initial wage proposal would decimate our wage scale by decreasing the difference between steps from 5 percent to 3 percent, ensuring that only newer RNs would ever get a step increase. Management tried to look good by proposing across-the-board increases of 2 percent for those at or above the new scale, and up to a 6 or 8 percent increase (depending on which contract year) to bring those below scale up to the new scale rates. However, very few RNs would be below scale with management’s proposal.

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AHMC Insult to Injury

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