Sacramento Comes to Pasadena

John Chiang alone LR cropHealthcare and labor warriors State Senator Ed Hernandez and State Treasurer John Chiang both addressed the SEIU 121RN Executive Board over the past couple of months. The Executive Board thanked both Senator Hernandez and Treasurer Chiang for their help in our union’s organizing campaign at Monterey Park Hospital.

Senator Hernandez gave a legislative and budget update and talked about the importance of educating our membership on Proposition 56, or the “Tobacco Tax.”

Treasurer Chiang filled members in on California’s finances. In addition, he described his efforts to help keep our state solvent during the recent economic recession.


John Chiang group

California State Treasurer John Chiang (center holding award) with members of the SEIU 121RN Executive Board on Oct. 11, 2016.


Ed Hernandez group LR crop

Senator Ed Hernandez with members of the SEIU 121RN Executive Board on Sept. 13, 2016. Hernandez is in back wearing a suit and tie.

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