College Hospital Membership Continues to Grow

College Barg Team 2016 LR

The College Hospital 121RN Bargaining Team (L to R): Helen Christon, RN, Christiana Hasty, LPT, and Cari Downing, RN

SEIU 121RN welcomes the College Hospital Cerritos LVNs and LPTs to our local. While the RNs were preparing to begin bargaining, we were informed that management initiated a campaign against the LVN/LPT Bargaining Unit at College Hospital of Cerritos to have them become non-Union and thereby eliminate their job security and other guaranteed benefits.

In an effort to protect the Bargaining Unit and build strength at the bargaining table, SEIU121RN and LVN/LPT member leaders rallied and organized the super majority of their coworkers to join SEIU121RN. Seeing that the Union had handily organized these workers in such a short period of time, the employer agreed to Voluntary Recognition. The LVNs and LPTs are currently at the table with management negotiating a new contract alongside their RN co-workers.

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