**CONTRACT UPDATE 2018** Our hospitals don’t offer good jobs—we fight for good jobs at the bargaining table.

SEIU Local 121RN members will be at as many as 12 different bargaining tables in 2018. That means all across Southern California we will use our contract negotiations to win improvements at 12+ hospitals.

This is our chance to build on the improvements we’ve already made with our union contracts. These negotiations are opportunities to continually improve our jobs over time.

It’s important to remember that because we’re Union members:

  • Our contracts guarantee in writing all the terms of our employment, including staffing levels, our pay, benefits, hours, seniority and working conditions.
  • We have the strength of our numbers. (Imagine all of us going to management individually to negotiate a raise or a policy regarding staffing levels?)
  • Our contracts mean hospitals can’t change the rules or the terms of our employment.
  • We get to elect our co-workers who represent us in negotiations with management; they are our Bargaining Team.
  • With our Bargaining Surveys, we tell our Bargaining Team what we want them to fight for.
  • We get to vote on the contract that they negotiate.

This year, we will bring our unity and strength to the bargaining table at these hospitals:

Read what our sisters and brothers in San Francisco are saying about the importance of standing together in a Union!
  1. Dignity Health Infusion Centers (their first contract!) **Contract Ratified!**
  2. Encino Medical Center
  3. JFK Memorial Hospital **Contract Ratified!**
  4. Kaiser Moreno Valley (with national Bargaining Team)
  5. Kindred South Bay **Contract Ratified!**
  6. Pacifica of the Valley **Contract Ratified!**
  7. Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center **Contract Ratified!**
  8. Providence Tarzana Medical Center **Contract Ratified!**
  9. Sierra Vista Rehabilitation Center **Contract Ratified!**
  10. Southern California Hospital at Hollywood (their first contract!) **Contract Ratified!**
  11. Southern California Hospital at Van Nuys (their first contract!) **Contract Ratified!**
  12. Glendora Community Hospital (this will be their first contract; start date pending)
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