Bargaining Update on Changes to 401(k) Matching

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Here’s what’s happening:

  • The hospital plans to make changes to our 401(k) matching program. These plans include making matching contributions once per year, only if we are employed as of December 31, and only if we worked 1,000 hours in that year.
  • We learned this year, after ratification of our Collectie Bargaining Agreement, that the hospital planned to make changes to its 401(k) matching program. We requested information and learned that the changes were actually decided last year while we were still in bargaining, but notice was not provided until January of this year after members found out and started asking questions.
  • This is why we have filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the hospital with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that we were denied the right and opportunity to bargain over the proposed changes to the plan.
  • In the meantime, our CBA requires bargaining over the effects of the changes to the retirement plan, so that is why we met with the hospital on March 15.

Some of our (many) concerns:

  • Under these proposed changes, we will not receive any matching if we leave the hospital before the completion of the year or if we accumulate fewer than 1,000 hours.
  • Under the current plan, we immediately have funds in our interest-bearing accounts. Under these proposed changes, the hospital will hold these funds and they will solely have the opportunity to accrue interest on these funds.
  • We have concerns about how the 1,000 hour benchmark is calculated. Will our hours that we get paid as penalty pay for missed breaks and meal periods count toward that?
  • What happens if we transfer from one HCA facility to another?

We have requested additional negotiations.

Stay tuned.

Union Representative Corey Clark, RN

(213) 247-4585 |
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