“No court decision can stop us from having a voice on the job.”—a message from our Union President Gayle Batiste

Dear SEIU Local 121RN Member,

Today, the Supreme Court came down on the wrong side of history in a case that the rich and powerful “bosses” of this country are hoping will further rig our healthcare system, hospitals, and communities in their favor and put one more roadblock in the way of those of us who are standing up for patient safety and good union jobs.

It’s just one more attempt by the “boss” to silence us. And we won’t be silenced.

America needs Union jobs now more than ever. By sticking together, we’ve been able to pass important patient and nurse safety legislation and win improvements at our worksites, including $79 million in projected increases in base salaries over the life of the six contracts we negotiated just last year.

Gayle Batiste norma rae challengeTo support Unions today, post a photo of yourself holding a union sign—like I’m doing here. And when you post it, use the hashtags #Union and #WeRise. Click here for more details.

We know that by coming together in our union, we have the power in numbers to raise wages, improve staffing, secure healthcare coverage, improve our jobs and make life better for our families and communities.

That’s why in response to today’s Supreme Court ruling, SEIU members in healthcare and other industries across the country are joining to say:

America needs
union jobs.

The RNs who together make up our SEIU Local 121RN Union will keep fighting to have a strong, united voice on the job. It’s time we hold politicians accountable for doing everything in their power to help more workers join together in unions to create the most inclusive middle class in our nation’s history.

You can help by joining thousands around the country in sharing a photo of yourself now. Click here to learn how.

No matter what any court case says, we’re going to keep standing up for—and winning!—the good union jobs that our hospitals and communities need.


In Unity,

Gayle Batiste, RN, CNOR
President, SEIU Local 121RN


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