Special Message for New Stewards

Welcome and thank you for taking the lead at your worksite!

You just made our Union stronger!

Union strength starts at our worksites and as a Steward, you are the foundation of a solid, effective union. You inspire other members to stand strong and united for good union jobs and good hospitals that provide safe patient care.

Thank you for your dedication to your patients, your colleagues and your Union!

Dear SEIU 121RN Stewards,

SB 227 Update…Did you see Gayle’s email the other day about our victory in the Senate Health Committee? If you missed it, read a version on our website »»» here (includes links to what our hospitals are saying). The biggest take-away: our hospitals again plan to paint a completely false picture of what’s going on in your units. They go so far as to imply that it’s all your fault for not being on the floor when you’re needed. Our only weapon against the California Hospital Association’s false narrative is the truth. It’s critical that Nurses speak up about what’s really going on in your hospitals—let’s fight the fairytale.

Speaking of fairytales…In case you missed it, click »»» here to get a load of what Washington Senator Maureen Walsh had to say about Nurses standing around and playing cards. If you caught this, you know the avalanche of memes and overall social media hurricane her statements launched. Perhaps one of the more touching was this one »»» here. This kind of ignorance is what our fight the fairytale campaign is all about. Have you participated yet?

It was great seeing so many of you at our Steward Recognition Dinner…Our 2nd Annual Steward Recognition and Legislative Awards Dinner was a beautiful celebration of what we can accomplish when we’re united and engaged! ICYMI, be sure to check out the photo album of our evening together »»» here.

Gayle presented Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon with the
“Dr. Ed Hernandez Healthcare Hero” award…and that’s our

MC for the evening, Riverside RN Kerry Cavazos.

Nurses Week is coming! Be sure to work with your Union Rep/Organizer to make sure your colleagues take part in your events. There will be fun give-aways and a chance to have face-to-face conversations about all that’s happening at 121RN.

International Workers Day March: MAY DAY…This event is a great opportunity to get our #PatientSafety message out to the broader community. This will be the 4th large march in the last two years where we’ve provided First Aid to marchers and also participated in the streets with our signs and banners. RSVP today to let us know if you can take a shift at our First Aid station and/or march with us.

Upcoming Events: 


Don’t hesitate to reply and we’ll make sure your question, suggestion or concern gets to the appropriate person.

In Unity,
Rosanna Mendez
Executive Director, SEIU Local 121RN


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