121RN Steward News—are you ready for our “Midnight Ride” to Sacramento?!

Special Message for New Stewards

Welcome and thank you for taking the lead at your worksite!

You just made our Union stronger!

Union strength starts at our worksites and as a Steward, you are the foundation of a solid, effective union. You inspire other members to stand strong and united for good union jobs and good hospitals that provide safe patient care.

Thank you for your dedication to your patients, your colleagues and your Union!

Dear SEIU 121RN Steward,

SB 227 Update…I’m sure you’ve heard by now that our “Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals” bill successfully passed out of the California Senate (click »»» here to see how our legislators voted) and is now repeating the process on the Assembly side. (For a quick reminder, check out the old “Schoolhouse Rock” video: “I’m just a bill.”) Stay tuned for updates on our progress and opportunities to add your voice, including:

Sept. 9–10 “Midnight Ride”…We’re taking busloads of Nurses up to Sacramento to speak face-to-face with lawmakers to urge them to support Senate Bill 227. Click »»» here to let us know you’re coming; and send »»» this link to your colleagues. It’s critical that Nurses speak up about what’s really going on in your hospitals—let’s fight the fairytale in person!

Check out the new, improved online ADO…We received some feedback from several of you on our online “Assignment Despite Objection” form. Click »»» here for our latest updated version. Among other improvements, this new ADO creates a copy of an RN’s responses that they can then forward to their supervisors, their Union Rep/Organizer, and relevant agencies (CDPH, OSHA, BRN). Remember, we won’t change things with silence. Use this ADO and encourage your colleagues to use it whenever hospitals cut dangerous corners.

Our May Day participation…ICYMI, 121RN Nurses and our First Aid station for May Day marchers were featured on CBS2, KTLA5, ABC7 and KCAL9. Check out our member, Riverside Steward Monique Hernandez, who did a great job speaking out on behalf of the Nurses of 121RN! Click »»» here to watch the news coverage. Click »»» here to listen to her heartfelt words during the rally.

Upcoming Events: 

Union Bulletin Board: find the latest to keep your Union Bulletin Board up-to-date! Check out the »»» online Purple Comms folder for current flyers and brochures.


Don’t hesitate to reply and we’ll make sure your question, suggestion or concern gets to the appropriate person.

In Unity,
Rosanna Mendez
Executive Director, SEIU Local 121RN


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