What to say if you’re called into a meeting that might lead to disciplinary action:

Weingarten Rules Statement

I request to have a Union Representative present on my behalf during this meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action against me. If I am denied my right to have a Union Representative present, I will refuse to answer accusatory questions and any I believe may lead to discipline.

  • Rule 1—You must make a clear request for Union representation before or during the interview. You can’t be punished for making this request.
  • Rule 2—After you make the request, the employer must choose from three options:
    • Grant the request and delay questioning until the Union Representative arrives and has a chance to consult privately with you; or
    • Deny the request and end the interview immediately; or
    • Give you a choice of 1) having the interview without representation or 2) ending the interview.
  • Rule 3—If the employer denies the request for Union representation and continues to ask questions, this is an unfair labor practice and you have a right to refuse to answer. You cannot be disciplined for such refusal. You are required to remain in the meeting until the employer terminates the interview. Leaving before this happens may constitute punishable insubordination.
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