FAQ—”Midnight Ride” to Sacramento for SB 227

What do I need to bring?

Please have your Union scrubs. Each RN should also bring an old extra pair of Nursing shoes to leave behind on the Capitol lawn. This is to emphasize our demand that our elected representatives “walk a day in our shoes” before they make decisions about the work of a Nurse.

Each RN will determine whatever they need to feel comfortable. Some ideas include:

  • Comfortable clothing for the bus travel (some find the air conditioning on the bus cold, so think warm)
  • Small toiletries kit
  • Small pillow/blanket (to try to get some shuteye on the trip there)

Are we responsible for our own meals?

SEIU Local 121RN is providing breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sept. 11th and we’ll have small snacks available on the buses.

Why are we taking buses?

We are scaling WAY up compared to our usual advocacy efforts in Sacramento. We plan on 100 Nurses from SEIU Local 121RN going up to the state capital to speak out about the crisis in our hospitals. Remember last year when the Governor vetoed our bill? We need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. We often take small groups of RNs up to testify in hearings or lobby key legislators—but this time, we need to do something different to win this. We plan to fill two large charter buses and turn Sacramento PURPLE.

Do I need to request a day off?

Members participate on their own time and, if necessary, must request vacation or other leave time from their employers to join the trip. Please note that due to the departure and return times, members may want to take additional day(s) before and/or after the travel dates.

How else can I prepare to make a difference?

Each of us will come to Sacramento with an incident in mind that motivated us to take a stand for our patients and our licenses. Please have in mind a detailed account of what happened during that shift. It should be a specific incident (“the other day an RN was floated up without competencies for our unit and this is what happened…”), not generalities (“our hospital is always ignoring safe floating protocols…”). For examples, see these detailed descriptions from Mary, Sally, Jennifer, Kathy, Joyce, Alvin, Monique and Yolanda. If you have questions, speak with our Stewards or Union Rep/Organizers.

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