Our safe staffing bill became *LAW* on January 1st!

121RN Members—

I have some great news! If you didn’t already hear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Governor Newsom signed our “Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals” bill—SB 227—into law!

Hospitals will now be fined when found to be out of legally mandated Nurse-to-patient ratios.

It’s up to US to enforce this!

Whenever you are given an unsafe assignment, immediately complete an »»» online ADO

»»» and learn more here

This is how we’ll make the MOST of this new law.

Remember, hospitals violate the law when they:

»»» Don’t staff according to ratios

»»» Force us to cover for each other’s breaks by doubling up on patients (“buddy system”)

»»» Put a Charge RN in ratio but still demand that Charge duties be fulfilled

»»» Don’t include us in the establishment of patient acuity measurement systems

Nurses on the front line of patient care applaud this strong message from the Governor. By signing this bill, he just made it crystal clear that Californians won’t tolerate hospitals’ dangerous corner-cutting and bare-bones staffing levels that put our patients at risk of injury or worse.

Our bosses over at the California Hospital Association spent millions the past two years trying to kill this important bill. They told countless Legislators and two Governors that our hospitals didn’t have staffing problems—or worse: if there is low staffing in our units, it’s Nurses’ fault.

Well, Sacramento didn’t buy it. They listened to us. Legislators listened—and several even cried—when Nurses like Mary, Sally, Jennifer, Kathy, Joyce, Alvin, Monique and Yolanda spoke out about what it’s like in our hospitals.

We made some serious noise and they heard us! This was a true “David vs. Goliath” battle!

Many of us shared our experiences and concerns face-to-face with Legislators. Even more of us went on our “Midnight Ride” to Sacramento. And many of us called and emailed our Legislators and the Governor.

Read more about the bill »»» here.

Senator Connie M. Leyva (D-Pomona) agreed with us that hospitals’ reckless disregard for patient and Nurse safety had to stop. She worked with us two years in a row to introduce this bill. Registered Nurses and healthcare professionals of SEIU Local 121RN will continue to push for higher standards. We will challenge hospitals to be real partners with us and all Californians as we work together to strengthen patient care.

In unity,
Gayle Batiste, RN, CNOR
President, SEIU Local 121RN


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