Union election results

Thank you to all SEIU Local 121RN Members who participated in this important election—those who voted and those who ran for office.

Congratulations to the winners:

President: Dr. Nina Wells, DNP, MSN-NE, RN, PHN
Vice President: Sydnie Boylan, RN, CWS
Secretary-Treasurer: Caroline Jacks, RN

Here are the results of the Oct. 21, 2019, ballot count:

  • 737 ballots were received and counted.
  • 557 ballots were returned as “undeliverable.” We understand many of you called to state that you had not received your ballots, so we’re working as quickly as we can to determine why there were so many ballots that did not reach many of you even after you provided an updated mailing address. Our apologies for this, but we appreciate your patience while we try to sort it out. In the meantime, below are the results from the ballots we did receive.
  • President:
    • 333 votes—Gayle Batiste, RN, CNOR (Northridge)
    • 397 votes—Dr. Nina Wells, DNP, MSN-NE, RN, PHN (St. John’s Regional Medical Center)
  • Vice President
    • 428 votes—Sydnie Boylan, RN, CWS (HPMC)
    • 282 votes—Kerry Cavazos RN (RCH)
  • Secretary-Treasurer
    • 265 votes—Monique Hernandez, RN, BSN (RCH)
    • 450 votes—Caroline Jacks, RN (PTMC)

Officers are scheduled to be sworn in January 2020.

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