What do my dues pay for?

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Dues pay for the Union’s activities that give us more power at the bargaining table, in the political arena and in the community. Dues pay for the salaries of organizers, staff representatives, attorneys and other staff members who assist Union members in negotiations, grievances, arbitrations, research, training and communications. These employees and the services they provide help organize our efforts to improve our pay, benefits and working conditions. The benefits we gain are worth far more than the cost of dues.

Dues also help us assist other Nurses and Licensed Professionals interested in forming their Unions with us, working with us to continue lifting our professions and giving us a stronger voice in healthcare.

Our Union membership also gives us access to many additional member benefits.

Financial statements, detailing how members’ dues money is spent, are submitted to the SEIU Local 121RN Executive Board and are available for review by any member, at any time of the year. Local Union dues are determined by members through a democratic process. For members just forming their Union and negotiating their first contract, we won’t pay any dues until we’ve voted to adopt our first Union contract.

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