March elections alert—Here are our Union’s ballot recommendations!



SEIU Local 121RN Ballot Recommendations:

California State Assembly:

Assembly District 35: Dawn Addis
Assembly District 36: Dual: Jonathan Ervin and Lourdes Everett
Assembly District 39: Luz Rivas
Assembly District 40: James Ramos
Assembly District 41: Chris Holden
Assembly District 43: Laura Friedman
Assembly District 44: Jacqui Irwin
Assembly District 45: Jesse Gabriel
Assembly District 46: Adrin Nazarian
Assembly District 47: Eloise Gomez Reyes
Assembly District 49: Ed Chau
Assembly District 50: Richard Bloom
Assembly District 51: Wendy Carrillo
Assembly District 52: Freddie Rodriguez
Assembly District 53: Miguel Santiago
(ballot recommendations continue below)


Our Healthcare Heroes stand up for Nurses in Sacramento!
Get to the polls to support all of these candidates on March 3! 

Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (AD-63)

Assemblymember Laura Friedman (AD-43)
 Assemblymember Monique Limon (SD-19) Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (AD-52)


CA State Assembly (cont’d) CA State Senate US Congress
AD 54: Sydny Kamlager SD 19: Monique Limon CD 24: Salud Carbajal
AD 55: Andrew Rodriguez SD 21: Kipp Mueller CD 25: Christy Smith
AD 56: Eduardo Garcia SD 23: Kris Goodfellow CD 26: Julia Brownley
AD 57: Lisa Calderon SD 25: Anthony Portantino CD 27: Judy Chu
AD 58: Christina Garcia SD 28: Elizabeth Romero CD 28: Adam Schiff
AD 59: Reggie Jones-Sawyer SD 29: Josh Newman CD 29: Tony Cardenas
AD 60: Sabrina Cervantes SD 31: Richard Roth CD 30: Brad Sherman
AD 62: Autumn Burke SD 33: Lena Gonzalez CD 31: Pete Aguilar
AD 63: Anthony Rendon SD 35: Steven Bradford CD 33: Ted Lieu
AD 64: Mike Gipson SD 37: Dave Min CD 34: Jimmy Gomez
AD 66: Al Muratsuchi SD 39: Toni Atkins CD 35: Norma Torres
AD 68: Melissa Fox CD 36: Raul Ruiz
AD 70: Patrick O’ Donnell LA City Council CD 37: Karen Bass
AD 72: Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen CD 12: Lorraine Lundquist CD 38: Linda Sanchez
AD 74: Cottie Petrie-Norris CD 14: Kevin De Leon CD 39: Gil Cisneros
AD 76: Tasha Boerner Horvath CD 40: Lucille Roybal-Allard
AD 77: Brian Maienschein CD 41: Mark Takano
AD 78: Chris Ward LA County Supervisor CD 43: Maxine Waters
AD 79: Shirley Weber District 2: Holly Mitchell CD 44: Nannette Barragan
AD 80: Lorena Gonzalez CD 45: Katie Porter
CD 48: Harley Rouda
CD 50: Ammar Campa-Najjar
CD 51: Juan Vargas
CD 53: Georgette Gómez
CA Superior Court 
Seat #42: Linda Sun Seat #72: Steve Morgan Seat #76:  Emily Cole
Seat #80: David Berger Seat #97: Sherry Powell Seat #129: Kenneth M. Fuller
Seat #145: Adan Montalban Seat #150: Tom Parsekian Seat #162: Scott Yang

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