Our efforts summed up in a single hasthtag — #SafeStaffingSavesLives


This is what safe staffing looks like:

  • All units staffed in compliance with California’s mandated nurse-to-patient ratios as outlined in Title 22.
  • Charge Nurses—free of direct patient assignments—available to respond to codes and ensure RNs have assistance with invasive bedside procedures, all necessary supplies, constant backup and guidance.
  • Safe meal and break relief that ensures patients have enough Nurses on duty at all times (no doubling up on patient loads).
  • All units maintain safe staffing levels of support personnel.
  • Transfers only accepted when there is adequate staff to care for them.
  • All RNs have the necessary competencies and orientation whenever assigned patients they don’t ordinarily provide care for.

…and a big part of safe staffing is keeping staff safe!

We need adequate PPE for everyone. HCA hospitals have an alarming rate of COVID-19 infection among staff, including two deaths at RCH. Nurses have known all along that there were airborne risks, and yet many of us were threatened with discipline for wearing masks, bringing our own, asking the community to donate. We also need safe sorting of patients, ensuring that there’s no mixing of infected and non-infected patients—and that includes not having staff attend to both types in one shift. We ask the hospitals to observe the OSHA mandate to notify staff of all possible exposure. Too many of us have had to sound the alarm on unsafe practices at our hospitals during this pandemic. Read more about Nurses speaking out »»» bit.ly/121RN_COVIDMedia


Speak with a Steward or your Union Rep/Organizer:
LOS ROBLES—Corey Clark, (805) 253-2357, clarkc@seiu121rn.org
RIVERSIDE—Jennifer Sanchez , (626) 437-6976, sanchezj@seiu121rn.org
WEST HILLS—Shamora Freeman, (626) 841-6431, freemans@seiu121rn.org

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