Recent media coverage

October 24, 2020.—“COVID-19 ripped me away from my patients” (by Jennifer Gooding, RN, Riverside Community Hospital). (link)

October 10, 2020. Ventura County Star—‘We could bring it back home’: Hospital workers push for more COVID-19 protection. (link)

October 5, 2020. Mercury News—California’s Filipino American nurses are dying from COVID-19 at alarming rates. (link)

October 2, 2020. Los Angeles Times—Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center fined after nurse dies of COVID-19 (link)

September 28, 2020. Becker’s Hospital Review—5 nurses saving lives off the job. (link)

September 21, 2020. Huffington Post—The Coronavirus Is Creating A Mental Health Crisis for Health Care Workers (link)

September 14, 2020. Los Angeles Times—The Pandemic’s Toll (features Celia Marcos) (in print) (online)

August 24, 2020. Whistleblower News Network—“Telling the Truth Was a Lifesaving Act” Whistleblower of the Week: Jhonna Porter. (link)

July 31, 2020. Bloomberg—Nurses’ Pleas Spur U.S. Pledge to Tap 44 Million-Mask Stockpile. (link)

July 27, 2020. Healthcare Dive—What it’s like to be a nurse after 6 months of COVID-19 response. (link)

July 16, 2020. KCRW—Understaffed and exhausted: Nurses share their frontline experiences fighting COVID-19. (link)

July 14, 2020. Healthcare Dive—Pandemic spurs national union activity among hospital workers. (link)

July 10, 2020. Los Angeles Times—With coronavirus patients filling up Inland Empire hospitals, nurses are desperate for relief. (link)

July 8, 2020. Becker’s Hospital Review—Prime Healthcare Hospital Workers Vote To Unionize (link)

July 8, 2020. CBS Evening News—California sees record amount of new coronavirus cases. (link)

July 8, 2020. Modern Healthcare—Prime Healthcare Hospital Employees Unionize, Challenge Layoffs. (link)

June 18, 2020. LA Daily News—West Hills Hospital nurses protest inadequate PPE, staff shortage during COVID-19 crisis. (link)

Coverage of Riverside Community Hospital Strike:

July 6, 2020.—Hundreds of CA Nurses Strike Over Unsafe Staffing During a Pandemic. (link)

July 2, 2020. Good Morning America—US reports record-high number of new COVID-19 cases in a day. (link)

July 2, 2020. The Washington Post—Nurses in a California community strike, alleging unsafe staffing and inadequate PPE. (link)

July 2, 2020. Reuters—Striking California nurses picket, demand equipment, better conditions to fight COVID. (link)

July 1, 2020. ABC World News Tonight—At least 20 states now pausing or rolling back reopening as COVID-19 cases rise. (link)

July 1, 2020. CBS Evening News—Nationwide surge in coronavirus cases prompts states to reimpose restrictions. (link)

July 1, 2020. Real 92.3 KRRL—Riverside Community Hospital Nurses on Strike Protesting Working Conditions. (link)

June 30, 2020. MedPage Today—California Nurses Strike Over Staffing Issues—Labor action claims dehydrated nurses wear masks for 12 hours without a break for water or lunch. (link)

June 30, 2020. Los Angeles Times—‘We’re surging again.’ Doctors, nurses angry as coronavirus strains California hospitals. (link)

June 30, 2020. Spectrum News 1—As ICU Beds Reach Capacity in Riverside, Nurses Protest Working Conditions. (link)

June 27, 2020. LAist/KPCC—Riverside Community Hospital Nurses Say They Are Understaffed And Don’t Have Enough PPE. (link)

June 27, 2020. KTLA—Riverside Community Hospital nurses stage 10-day strike, alleging inadequate support amid pandemic. (link)

June 27, 2020. Telemundo 52– Personal médico en Riverside hacen huelga tras un aumento de pacientes. (link)

June 26, 2020. Fox 11—Nurses Strike in Riverside. (link)

June 26, 2020. KNBC 4—Riverside Community Hospital Nurses Strike. (link)

June 23, 2020. The Guardian UK—US nurses at for-profit hospital chain to strike over cuts and PPE shortages. (link) (this story also appeared in Kaiser Health News)

June 23, 2020. Becker’s Hospital Review—California nurses at HCA-owned hospital issue strike notice. (link)

June 8, 2020. New York Times– Hospitals Got Bailouts and Furloughed Thousands While Paying C.E.O.s Millions (link)

May 31, 2020. Business Insider—Nurses who have the coronavirus are fighting their employers to get paid time off: ‘Nobody really cares about my safety’ (link)

May 27, 2020. Medium—I feel like we’re guinea pigs. (link)

May 22, 2020. Medium—My agitated, elderly patient didn’t mean to, but he probably gave me Covid-19. (link)

May 21, 2020. Channel News Asia—Nurses from the Philippines battle COVID-19 frontlines in the US. (link)

May 20, 2020. Telemundo—Protestan ante la posible eliminación de servicios. (link to youtube)

May 20, 2020. San Gabriel Valley Tribune—South El Monte Nurses protest after hospital suspends labor, delivery ward. (link)

May 18, 2020. Ms. Magazine—Rest in power: Nurse Celia Marcos Dies After Racing to Treat COVID Patient. (link)

May 17, 2020. Los Angeles Times Opinion Pages—On the front line and taking a stand. (link)

May 14, 2020. Los Angeles Times Editorial—Protect Health Whistleblowers So They Can Protect Us. (link)

May 12, 2020. New York Post—Nurse dies two weeks after rushing without N95 mask to save Coronavirus patient. (link)

May 12, 2020. WUSA 9 (Washington, DC)—Remembering Celia Marcos: Nurse dies from virus after trying to save COVID-19 patient. (link)

May 12, 2020. Fox News.—California Nurse treating ‘code blue’ coronavirus patient dies after lack of proper PPE: report. (link)

May 12, 2020. Los Angeles Times. Letters to the Editor: An N95 mask may have saved nurse Celia Marcos. Is Trump listening? (link)

May 11, 2020. People Magazine. Family says California nurse who died from COVID-19 had only surgical mask instead of N95 mask. (link)

May 10, 2020. Los Angeles Times—A nurse without an N95 mask raced in to treat a ‘code blue’ patient. She died 14 days later. (link)

  • World-wide coverage following the LA Times cover story here.

May 9, 2020. Asian Journal—Candlelight vigil held for Pinay nurse who died of COVID-19 at Hollywood hospital. (link)

May 7, 2020. San Fernando Valley Sun. Pandemic leads to staff reductions at local hospitals. (link)

May 7, 2020. Balitang America/The Filipino Channel—Filipina Nurse who died from COVID-19 honored by community. (link)

May 7, 2020. Los Angeles Daily News—Coronavirus: Healthcare workers hold candlelight memorial for Hollywood Presbyterian nurse. (link)

May 7, 2020. Good Day LA/KTTV Fox—Vigil for nurse who died from COVID-19. (link)

May 7, 2020. Canyon News—Vigil Held to Honor Hollywood Nurse. (link)

May 6, 2020. Noticias 62 En Vivo (EstrellaTV)—Homenaje a enfermeras/Tribute to Nurses. (link)

May 6, 2020 Daily Mail (UK)—Medical workers hold memorial for nurse Celia Marcos. (link)

May 6, 2020 NBC 4 News at 11pm—Vigil For Fallen Nurse. (link)

May 6, 2020. KTLA 5 News at 10pm—Vigil For Fallen Nurse. (link)

May 6, 2020 ABC7 LA—Vigil for Hollywood nurse who died 2 days after testing positive for COVID-19 (link)

May 6, 2020 CBS LA/KCAL 9—Vigil Held For Nurse Who Died After Colleagues Say She Contracted COVID-19 While Treating Patient Without Proper Equipment. (link)

May 5, 2020 KHN /The Guardian: “Lost on the Frontline”—She loved to give gifts, and never forgot her hometown: Celia Lardizibal Marcos. (link)

May 2, 2020. Asian Journal—Equipped with only a surgical mask on the front lines, Filipina nurse dies at Hollywood area hospital. (link)

April 28, 2020. KTLA—61-year-old Hollywood Nurse dies two days after testing positive for COVID-19. (link)

April 25, 2020. Huffington Post—These Health Care Workers Spoke Out. Their Hospitals Fired Them. (link)

April 22, 2020. NBC 4 LA—Nurses stage silent protest. (link)

April 22, 2020. The Presse Enterprise—Riverside Community Hospital workers protest level of coronavirus protection. (link)

April 19, 2020. CBS/KCAL 9—‘We want to open right now’: Protestors speak out against stay-at-home order. (link)

April 17, 2020. Los Angeles Times—Column: Nurses know we were unprepared for the coronavirus. They’re being punished for speaking out. (link)

April 16, 2020. Danville SanRamon Express—Swalwell tells union workers he’ll help them get through COVID-19 crisis. (link)

April 16, 2020. Business Insider— Understaffed hospitals in California are suspending nurses just when they need them most — and volunteers aren’t being deployed. (link)

April 15, 2020. CBS, “The Dr. Phil Show”—Covid-19, The Whistleblowers (link)

April 14, 2020. VOX— The other hospital workers on the front lines of the pandemic. (link)

April 10, 2020. KNX Radio—Union praises Newsom’s Coronavirus response; but faster production of PPE is needed. (link)

April 10, 2020. Medium—“Why is my hospital sending Nurses home right now?” (link)

April 9, 2020. Telemundo 52—Trabajadores de salud piden equipo de protección. (link)

April 9, 2020. LA Daily News—Facing life and death coronavirus decisions, healthcare workers renew call for protective gear  (link)

April 9, 2020. LA Times— 25 more die in L.A. County as California coronavirus fatalities soar past 500. (link)

April 9, 2020. New York Times—Nurses and Doctors Speaking Out on Safety Now Risk Losing Their Job. (link)

April 8, 2020. Reuters—U.S. Nurses who can’t get tested fear they are spreading COVID-19 (link)

April 7, 2020. CBS LA—COVID Nurses Who Asked For Protective Gear On Social Media Placed On Unpaid Leave (link)

April 7, 2020. The Atlantic—The Real Point of Trump’s Coronavirus Press Conferences. (link)

April 6, 2020. Bloomberg—Doctors and Nurses Beware: Hospitals Are Watching Your Facebook. (link)

April 6, 2020. Business Insider—HCA Healthcare suspends nurse who spoke out about coronavirus. (link)

April 6, 2020. Raw Story—Hospital threatens staff with termination if they speak out about COVID-19 conditions in leaked memo. (link)

April 3, 2020. Capital & Main’s “Pandemic Nation” Podcast—Pandemic Truths and Consequences. (link)

April 2, 2020. Medium—I’m suspended without pay for letting my colleagues know we’re now a COVID-19 unit. (link)

March 31, 2020. CNN Newsroom—Nurse: Healthcare workers are all “on edge”. (link)

March 29, 2020. ABC World News Tonight with David Muir—Doctors and Nurses warn that hospitals are filling up fast. (link)

March 28, 2020. Ventura County Star—Area nurses worry about facing COVID-19 war without ‘any armor’. (link)

March 27, 2020. CNN The Situation Room—California braces for wave of cases. (link)

March 25, 2020. The Washington Post—Some health-care workers resist orders to work without protection. (link)

March 23, 2020. CBS Los Angeles—‘They Are Scared’: Nurses Say Northridge Hospital Not Prepared For Surge In Coronavirus Patients. (link)

March 21, 2020. CBS Los Angeles—High School In West Hills Donates Masks To Hospital In Need. (link)

March 19, 2020 Medium—A tale of two hospitals. (link)

March 18, 2020 Medium—I never expected as a Nurse that I’d have to take a bullet for a coworker. (link)

March 17, 2020 Medium—We can’t keep Nurses in the dark. (link)

March 17, 2020 Medium—We were like soldiers ready for our instructions, expecting some leadership. (link)

March 16, 2020 Business Insider—‘We’re grossly unprepared’: Nurses report frustrations to Business Insider (link)

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