Let’s work to elect Healthcare Heroes!

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Let’s work to elect candidates that secure labor protections and rights such as safety and health, overtime, and family/medical leave—and help enforce those rights.

And be sure to participate in our Nurse-Powered Politics fund:

Nurse-Powered Politics means we UNITE to protect patients and nurses in today’s rapidly changing, corner-cutting world of healthcare and politics. It means we get involved!

Please complete this form to contribute to our Nurse-Powered Politics fund (called COPE, which stands for Committee on Political Education) that enables us to have a direct impact on politics. By taking action together and contributing to our Union’s political fund, we’ve won:

  • Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals (2019)
  • Whistleblower Protection (2017 w/implementation in 2018)
  • Workplace Violence Protection (2016 w/partial implementation in 2017 and 2018)
  • Hospital Patient and Healthcare Worker Injury Protection Act (2012 w/implementation in 2014)
  • Aerosol Transmissible Diseases Cal/OSHA Standard (2010)
  • Nurse-to-Patient Ratios (1999 w/implementation in 2004)
  • Needle Safety Law (2000)

Our most recent victory was the passage of our Stop Repeat Offender Hospitals legislation, 2019’s Senate Bill 227, signed into law on October 12, 2019, which now requires mandatory, unannounced hospital inspections to ensure safe staffing and levies fines against hospitals that continue to go out-of-ratio. To learn more, click here.

Using our resources and collective strength—both in our hospitals and our communities—we can make an impact on healthcare across California and the nation.

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