ABG Interpretation, Breath and Heart Sounds, and IV therapy.

ABG Interpretation:

Class Dates:

November 14, 2020

Saturday 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

A quick and easy way, a two-step approach for ABG interpretation

Objective: Identify ABG Components; Interpret common ABG values.

Breath Sounds, Heart Sounds and Heart Murmurs:

Differentiation of normal and abnormal breath and heart sounds. An in-depth presentation of an anatomy of a murmur Monitoring breath and heart sounds as indicators of patient progress.

Objective: Identify normal and abnormal breath sounds; Identify heart sounds; Identify heart murmurs.

IV Therapy:

Overview of the different parenteral solutions and their indications. Understanding the complication of specific solutions and the particular solutions to give to specific patient conditions.

Objective: Identify & understand common IV solutions used and their indications.

Requirements:  Plan on logging in from a computer or tablet with a screen large enough to view a PowerPoint presentation. You will need camera and audio to participate as part of the live, interactive video education program.

Instructor: Dr. Laura Vonfrolio

Register for the class now: https://act.seiu.org/a/abg-interpretation


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