AB 1102, Patient Safety and RN Whistleblower Protection

Senate Health Committee Says Yes to AB 1102!

Our bill, Assembly Bill 1102, that puts patients over profit by holding hospitals accountable if they retaliate against nurse whistleblowers, passed the Senate Health Committee June 21 by a 7-0 vote! The bill by by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez now heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Let’s Urge Senate Health members to Support AB 1102!

Our legislation, Assembly Bill 1102, passed the full California Assembly in late May and now heads to the Senate Health Committee. Let’s call members of the Senate Health Committee and urge them to support AB 1102.

Assembly Passes AB 1102, Bill Moves to Senate!

Our legislation, Assembly Bill 1102, passed out of the California Assembly on a 71-0 vote on Friday, May 26. Our thanks for the great work of Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez and his awesome staff! AB 1102 now moves to the Senate and will first be heard in the Senate Health Committee.

AB 1102 Passes Appropriations Committee

Our bill, Assembly Bill 1102, was unanimously passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, May 24. #AB1102 now heads to the Assembly Floor.

Sign AB 1102 Patient Safety Legislation Petition

Show your support of our legislation, Assembly Bill 1102, by signing our petition! Assembly Bill 1102 would increase the penalties from $20,000 to $75,000 when employers retaliate against a nurse who uses the whistle blower laws to report unsafe assignments that violate Title 22.

AB 1102 Passes Assembly Judiciary Committee with Full Bipartisan Support!

Our legislation, Assembly Bill 1102, was moved out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee the morning of Tuesday, April 25 with a vote of 10-0 — full bipartisan support! Thank you to our bill sponsor, Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez for his leadership, and to all the nurses and others who called members of the Judiciary Committee to encourage their support.

121RN-Sponsored Legislation, AB 1102, Passes Critical First Committee

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D-Pomona) moved Assembly Bill 1102 out of the Assembly Health Committee the afternoon of March 28 with the assistance of SEIU 121RN members who testified about how it would help Registered Nurses keep their patients safer.

121RN-Sponsored Bill Would Increase Hospital Patient Safety by Protecting Whistleblower RNs

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D-Pomona) introduced AB 1102 on Feb. 16, a bill sponsored by SEIU 121RN and SEIU California that would protect patient safety by prohibiting an employer from retaliating against a nurse who refuses to put patient safety and their RN license at risk by accepting an assignment which violates nurse staffing ratios.