Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

President: Sydnie Boylan, RAU, Tele
Union Stewards

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Union Representative/Organizer
Manny Hernandez
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We’re Ready to Bargain!

Our SEIU 121RN and UHW Union Bargaining Team has met several times to plan which contract proposals to give to management during negotiations that begin August 30 & 31. Our team hopes to improve staffing language and benefits, and add a wage scale, among other things.

Join Us to Kick-Off Contract Negotiations!

Our Bargaining Team met July 21 to begin preparations to negotiate our next Union contract with management. Come meet the members of our team, and find out what members said in bargaining surveys should be our top priorities.

Celebrate Nurses Week With Us!

Help us celebrate National Nurses Week with special get-togethers and gifts for members!

Nominations Open for HPMC 121RN Bargaining Team

Our current contract expires at the end of this year, and we need a strong Bargaining Team to represent RNs so that we are ready for negotiations. Anyone interested in joining our Bargaining Team should submit a nomination petition by April 22, 2016.

Education Fund Offers Advanced Degree Scholarship Program

Thinking about an advanced degree? The RN Scholarship Program through the Education Fund offers financial assistance for RNs who are working to complete an advanced degree.

Celebrate Nurses Week With Us!

Help us celebrate National Nurses Week with a special get-together and gift for members!

Meet Our New HPMC Chapter President!

Congratulations to our new Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Chapter President! Only one candidate was nominated for this position, and no RN was nominated for Vice President or Secretary-Treasurer. Officers will work hard to ensure that our Union contract is followed and that we are informed of and involved in what’s happening at the localwide level of our Union.

Announcing Chapter Officer Elections

Now accepting nominations for SEIU 121RN Chapter Officers! Nomination petitions are due by March 12, so start getting your required signatures now. Return to a Union Steward or to our Union Representative.

What You Need to Know about Ebola

UPDATE: The CDC issued an infographic for healthcare workers, “Could It Be Ebola?” On October 15, Cal/OSHA issued an Interim Guidance document on Ebola. Click here to read it. The University of Nebraska Medical Center created two illustrated guides to …

Hollywood Presbyterian Implements New Contract

The employer has agreed that all terms and conditions of the ratified contract are now in effect. The most immediate issue is changes in floating clusters. Managers and supervisors have notified the nurses of these changes. An employee must agree to float outside of his/her cluster. Note that the ICUs are now closed as is DOU and Telemetry, so if the census drops and you want work, you will have to notify Staffing that you are willing to float outside of your cluster. These clusters apply to both RNs and LVNs.

Hollywood Presbyterian Refuses to Implement New Contract

Despite the fact that Hollywood Presbyterian members ratified their new contract with management on May 16, the hospital is refusing to implement the new contract, citing a variety of reasons. First it was that the Union had not officially notified them that the ratification vote had passed. Then it was that their attorney was out of the country and needed to sign off on language that had been agreed to while he was at the table. And the most recent excuse is that administration has to sign the contract.

Hollywood Pres Members Ratify New Contract

RNs at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center ratified a new contract with management on Friday, May 16. The three-year agreement will give everyone an across-the-board 3 percent raise each year of the contract.

Hollywood Pres Contract Ratification Vote Set

After nearly 7 months of bargaining, our Local 121RN Bargaining Team came to a tentative agreement with management on a new 3-year contract. Our unity in our strike authorization vote and planned strike kicked bargaining into high gear over the last couple of weeks. If ratified, our new contract will give everyone an across-the-board 3 percent raise each year of the contract.

Hollywood Presbyterian RN Strike Cancelled!

The SEIU 121RN Bargaining Team for members at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center is pleased to announce that they have reached a tentative contract agreement with management. The two teams worked into the night on May 13 to avert the strike planned by Registered Nurses for May 16 through May 18. Our Bargaining Team has withdrawn our strike notice and all Registered Nurses must go to work as scheduled.

Hollywood Presbyterian RNs: Get Ready to Strike

SEIU 121RN is holding strike preparation meetings to explain the strike process and answer member questions. The meetings are scheduled around shift change so members at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center may come before or after their shift.

Pennies for Us — Millions for Them

HPMC management is proposing no wage increases for over 50% of the membership and a very small increase for the rest of us.

Yet, in 2013, HPMC reported a $7 million dollar “distribution to partners.” When our Union bargaining teams asked HPMC management for their parent company financials so employees could understand why HPMC management has proposed no raises for a majority of employees — while taking $7 million out of the hospital and distributing it to the owners — HPMC management refused.

Questions & Answers About Striking

Why are we considering a strike? Our SEIU Local 121RN Bargaining Team has been in negotiations since October 2013 with HPMC. HPMC has not moved on our patient and nurse safety issues or responded to our economic concerns. They say they “hear us” but come back with proposals that raise costs for employees and do not address the difficult working conditions in the hospital.

RN Bargaining Team Calls for Strike at Hollywood Presbyterian

Our SEIU Local 121RN Bargaining Team issued a strike notice to Hollywood Presbyterian management on May 5. If an acceptable agreement is not reached with management prior to then, the strike will be effective at 6 a.m. May 16 until 7 a.m. on May 19, 2014.

Management Moves Slightly on Health Benefits

Bargaining on Monday, April 21 focused on health plan changes and modifications. The hospital proposed eliminating the free plan for part-time 1 employees and for families of all RNs. Only full-time employees would get the free plan.

Management Says ‘Take-Away…’ We Say ‘NO WAY!’

The employer accepted our Union’s concept of wage scales and across-the-board increases. However, the employer’s initial proposal offers a 1 percent across-the-board raise and reduces the percentage between our existing steps from 4 percent to 1 percent. While current employees’ hourly rates would not be reduced, any new hire would be brought in at the lower rate. For example, a current HPMC nurse with 20 years of experience would earn $50.03, while a nurse with 20 years experience hired after ratification would make $41.17 per hour with management’s proposed scale. Our Union asked how management thought this would work for recruitment. We provided copies of some of our other hospital’s wage scales and countered.