Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

President: Sydnie Boylan, RAU, Tele
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Union Representative/Organizer
Manny Hernandez
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Members Authorize Strike!

With an overwhelming voter turnout, the majority of members in both SEIU 121RN and SEIU-UHW voted April 1-2 to authorize our Bargaining Team to call an Unfair Labor Practice strike if they determine one is necessary. Management has committed numerous unfair labor practices lately, including:

Strike Authorization Vote April 1-2

Our next contract determines wages, benefits and conditions for the term of the contract. Because Hollywood Presbyterian management is trying to take away our free healthplan and raise premium costs for everyone, our Bargaining Team has called for a strike authorization vote. Hollywood Presbyterian already offers few benefits to keep experienced nurses on staff; we must increase pay and benefits, and improve working conditions for dedicated current employees and to attract and retain experienced nurses.

HPMC Members Turn Out for Fair Contract

On March 26, we (Hollywood Presbyterian SEIU members) held a Candlelight Vigil and Rally from 6 to 8 p.m. and approximately 500 people turned out to support us. It was a success! The energy, the vibe, the passion, and the fighting spirit was very much alive in our members. We are thrilled at the turnout.

Candlelight Vigil

HPMC management is proposing takeaways from our contract. They now want us to pay for our free health plan, which still has high deductibles. Management is also proposing a raise based on our annual evaluation.

Negotiations Update

The main focus of our Bargaining team has been to negotiate affordable health plans, address short staffing issues that affect everyone’s work, including the ability to schedule vacations, and obtain equity in wage increases.

Hollywood Presbyterian RNs Rally for Safe Staffing

Hundreds of SEIU-member RNs and healthcare workers walked the sidewalk outside Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center on Vermont Avenue and Fountain in Los Angeles on March 4, calling for safe staffing and affordable healthcare for workers there. The joint SEIU 121RN …

Rally! For Safe Staffing & Affordable Healthcare

Let’s show our unity in obtaining a fair contract that recognizes the importance of safe patient care through safe staffing. We must also show HPMC management that we will not accept a contract that does not provide affordable healthcare plans for all employees! As healthcare providers, HPMC managers know first-hand the importance of quality healthcare insurance at an affordable price.

Current Contract Extended

On January 16, our Bargaining Team met with management and agreed to extend our current contract while we negotiate our new contract. This is good news because our rights continued to be protected. Our Bargaining Team and management made Tentative …

It’s Time to Show Our Unity!

Our SEIU 121RN and UHW Bargaining Team made a proposal on Jan. 10 to management that would improve our healthcare options and make it more affordable. Our team has been negotiating with HPMC management for nearly three months and we’ve made some progress. However, we feel management is taking things too slowly, especially in light of the fact that our contract expired Dec. 31.

Contract Negotiations Continue

Our Bargaining Team continues to hammer out details of our new contract with HPMC management and has additional bargaining dates set through February, 2014. The teams made tentative agreements on 12 articles, all of which will remain as they are …

Contract Negotiations Get Going

Our SEIU 121RN and UHW-W Bargaining Team started negotiating our new contract with management in late October. We have discussed several non-economic articles and have made tentative agreements on several current articles we want to keep. Issues our team is …

Teams Reach 2 Tentative Agreements

Our SEIU Local 121RN Bargaining Team met with management yesterday to continue negotiating our new contract. Bargaining generally moves slowly at the beginning as we hash out a slew of proposals over staffing and other working conditions. We were able to come to Tentative Agreement* over two articles – harassment and nondiscrimination. Proposals were made on language regarding Discipline, Committees for Quality Care, and more. Our next bargaining date is Nov. 15.

Hospital Wants Mother-Baby Unit Change

Hospital management has notified our union of a change in working conditions for nurses in the Mother- Baby Care Unit. The hospital would like newborn patients who need magnesium drips to be given the medication on the Mother-Baby Care Unit rather than L&D.

Contract Negotiations Begin

Our SEIU 121RN and UHW-W Bargaining Team met started negotiating our new contract with management on Wed., Oct. 23. Issues our team is focusing on include: Staffing Healthcare options Disciplinary process and procedures Retention of experienced RNs and recruitment of …