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Alina Borquez, Med-Surg
Mabel Bochko, OB-Nursery

900 South Atlantic Blvd.,
Monterey Park, CA 91754
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JoAnn Valdez-Kaiser

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Introducing our new SEIU Local 121RN Executive Director, Rosanna Mendez

Dear SEIU Local 121RN Members, Tuesday, October 9th, our Executive Board (made up of your colleagues chosen by you to represent Union members at each of our hospitals) selected our new Executive Director, who will work with me and the …

Raffle Prizes & Free Gifts at our Nurses Week Celebration!

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Title 22 requires safe ratios…and the law is on our side if we refuse to violate those ratios

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Union Demands Retro Pay Increase Checks

Management has implemented RN raises as required by our Union contract. However, they have not issued payment for the wage increase to the retroactive date agreed upon. Our Union is pushing management to issue these checks immediately.

We Reached a Tentative Agreement!

After bargaining all day and late into the night today, Veteran’s Day, we reached a tentative agreement on a full contract that includes the following wages, benefits and workplace improvements (these are highlights, more will be shared prior to voting):

Bargaining Update for Oct. 13

Our Bargaining Team reached tentative agreement with management on two articles during bargaining on Oct. 13: Subcontracting, and Employment and Income Security.

Oct. 11 Bargaining Update

Management continues to reject our proposal on In-House Registry. They prefer to spend about HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in outside registry costs rather than accept a more cost-effective IHR process.

Sept. 29 Bargaining Update

Monterey Park Hospital management was not prepared for bargaining. They returned to the table after a 9-day break without a response to our proposals on wages, shift differentials, etc. They submitted two counter-proposals on non-economics, and rejected our In-House Registry proposal, which would have created cost-effectiveness, patient care continuity, and coverage for staffing shortages using Staff RNs instead of Registry RNs. 

Sept. 14 Bargaining Update

Our SEIU 121RN Bargaining Team representing Registered Nurses at Monterey Park Hospital came to tentative agreements (TA) today with management on the following articles:

Sept. 1 Bargaining Update

Although our Bargaining Team has experienced some challenges, they were able to secure the following Articles: Job Security, Bargaining Unit Work, Savings Clause, and Notices.

Bargaining Update for Aug. 25, 2016

Our SEIU 121RN Bargaining Team representing Registered Nurses at Monterey Park Hospital successfully kicked off our first negotiation session with management and secured our first batch of tentative contract agreements!

Elected Officials: Respect MPH Workers’ Decision

Former Secretary of Labor and other elected officials call on Dr. Jonathan Wu to Respect Your Decision.

We’re Moving Forward Together!

In preparation for bargaining, we sent the letter below to AHMC/MPH representatives informing them of their legal obligation to bargain over any proposed changes – even while their objections are pending.

Complete a Member Bargaining Survey Today!

This survey will help us determine our priorities at the bargaining table with hospital management. Completing this survey is the only way we will know what improvements to focus on. Fill it in today!