Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

Union Stewards
David Yuen, Clin Nurse III
Andrea Van Loon, Clin Nurse II
Eugene Sanchez, Clin Nurse II
Scarlett Holden, Clin Nurse II
Benigna Contreras, Clin Nurse II
Fernando Garcia Morales, Clin Nurse II
Jorge Strembert, Clin Nurse II
Jeanetta Teague, Clin Nurse II

1798 N. Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91767
(909) 865-9500

Union Representative/Organizer
Russel Main
(626) 272-9047

Introducing our new SEIU Local 121RN Executive Director, Rosanna Mendez

Dear SEIU Local 121RN Members, Tuesday, October 9th, our Executive Board (made up of your colleagues chosen by you to represent Union members at each of our hospitals) selected our new Executive Director, who will work with me and the …

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Title 22 requires safe ratios…and the law is on our side if we refuse to violate those ratios

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Free NICU Exam Review Course

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Celebrate Nurses Week with Your Union!

Let’s celebrate National Nurses Week by ensuring that patients and nurses are protected from unsafe and illegal assignments.

25-Plus Years RNs to Get Pay Differential

Nurses at step 25 will begin receiving a pay differential added to their hourly wages starting this upcoming payday — retroactive to December 2016.

Union Wins F/T NICU Break RN

121RN members serving on the Labor Management Committee successfully lobbied management to create a full-time lunch break position in the NICU. Way to go, team!

National Nurses Week Celebration

During National Nurses Week May 6 to 12, we celebrated our role in ensuring the delivery of quality patient care.

Celebrate Nurses Week With Us!

Help us celebrate National Nurses Week with a special get-together and gifts for members!

99% Pomona Valley RN Members Say YES to New Contract!

Ninety-nine percent of nurses voting at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center ratified their new contract with hospital management on Dec. 18. Congratulations!

RNs Reach Tentative Contract Agreement with PVHMC!

After nearly 24 hours of bargaining Dec. 15 and into the wee hours of Dec. 16, the SEIU 121RN Bargaining Team for RNs at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center reached a tentative agreement (TA) with management on a new Union contract. The new agreement includes maintenance of free healthcare for 10+ year RNs and a 13.25% wage increase over the four years of the contract! A contract ratification vote will be held Friday, Dec. 18.

RN Respite is a Matter of Safety

We became RNs because we want to provide quality care for people during their time of need. We love our jobs, but there are countless days on-call in a month where we work until 4 a.m. and then have to be back at the start of shift, having had less than two hours of sleep. All RNs should get eight hours of rest before another shift. We’re standing together to fight for respite time. You can count on us to be on the strike line. 

PVHMC Nurses Deliver Strike Notice to Management

Today, we put Management on notice that we will strike over Christmas and New Year’s because of countless violations of federal labor law and in protest of Management’s demand to take away benefits we have had for more than 30 years. 

Sue Speaks on Management’s Takeaway Proposals

It was such a joy to see so many familiar faces, as well as new faces at the informational picket last week. The nurses participated in the strike vote in record numbers. It brought back memories of some of my favorite moments in this job when Pomona nurses stood together and took a stand against the unjust proposals presented by management to our Union. I have such respect for the Bargaining Team in standing firm on free health benefits for nurses that have reached their 10-year anniversary.

95% of PVHMC Nurses Vote YES!

To Authorize the Bargaining Team to Call a Strike, if Necessary. A strike will only be called if all other measures have been exhausted. Your showing of strength on the picket line was a true sign of solidarity, and the bargaining team will take this mandate from the nurses to the bargaining table as we continue to fight to protect healthcare, spousal coverage, and respite.

Pomona Valley Info Picket Featured on WIN Broadcast, article in Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Paul McKeough, a 121RN Bargaining Team member and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Telemetry RN, spoke with Workers Independent News this morning from the informational picket line and strike authorization vote.

‘Sue Speaks’ on Contract Negotiations

We are all aware that our Union contract with Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center management expires at the end of this month. Your Bargaining Team of Union registered nurses has been at the negotiation table for multiple sessions compromising on …

Is Management Listening? We Think Not.

During negotiations on Friday, Nov 20, our Bargaining Team told management that, while we are open to bargaining all parts of the contract, we will not accept a take-away of the free health insurance premiums for 10+ years employees. Nurses have had this benefit for more than three decades.

Strike Authorization Vote & Info Picket Scheduled for Dec. 1

Our next contract determines wages, benefits and conditions for the term of the contract. Voting yes does not guarantee a strike; it gives our Bargaining Team power to call a strike if they deem it necessary based on management’s refusal to show respect for our years of dedication and service. A strike would only be called after all other means have been exhausted.

Hospital Refuses to Budge on Changes to Healthcare

Our Bargaining Team came out of three days of negotiations this week with management sticking to what we heard last week: They won’t show respect to RNs through healthcare insurance or steps on our wage scale. Not only does management not want to add steps to the wage scale to recognize years of dedication, but they want nurses with 10 or more years of service to start paying for their health insurance.