Providence Tarzana Medical Center

Chapter President: Kathleen Gregg, NICU
Chapter Vice President: Caroline Jacks, Labor & Delivery
Chapter Secretary/Treasurer: Marietta Sperry, OB
Executive Board: James Owen, Recovery

18321 Clark Street
Tarzana, CA 91356

(818) 881-0800

Carolynne edited webInterim Union Rep/Organizer
Carolynne Komata
(626) 429-5055

Some clarity about other Unions’ strikes…

When members of other Unions announce a strike against our employer, it’s important to understand what our contract says. Our Union Job Contract with Tarzana Hospital includes a “no strike, no lockout” agreement—this is a mutual agreement reached to ensure …

Tarzana RNs – Join Us for Nurses Week Celebration!

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Providence Tarzana RNs – Meet Your New Union Representative/Organizer!

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Bargaining Survey Results Are In…

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Meet our Bargaining Team — and be sure to take our Union’s Bargaining Survey

Be sure to complete our Bargaining Survey online today! Visit: ____________________________________________________________________ Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Follow us on Instagram   Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

RNs and Professionals: Let’s elect our Bargaining Team and let them know our thoughts — take our Union’s Bargaining Survey

We’re getting ready to negotiate our next Union job contract with Tarzana Hospital. Please complete our Bargaining Survey. Once elected, our Bargaining Team will use our responses to determine our priorities. They will use this feedback as they work hard …

RNs: Nominations Open for Providence Tarzana’s 121RN Bargaining Team

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SEIU 121RN Alert: Remote Parking & Competencies

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Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to the 11 SEIU Local 121RN members who were awarded an $1,000 scholarship toward their continued education, and one Union activist who received a $2,000 scholarship. We wish all winners and others who applied the best in your educational …

Title 22 requires safe ratios…and the law is on our side if we refuse to violate those ratios

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Update from the Patient Care Committee

During the April PCC meeting, the PTMC Human Resources representative suggested solutions that would put our patients and our license at risk. The issues being discussed included RNs being properly relieved for breaks and lunches, and training for when we are asked to float out of our Unit.

EDD Rules in Favor of Fired RN

An outpatient surgery registered nurse who was terminated from Providence Tarzana Medical Center has won her appeal for unemployment benefits at the Employment Development Department (EDD) because the hospital was unable to prove she committed misconduct.

Celebrate Nurses Week with Your Union!

Let’s celebrate National Nurses Week by ensuring that patients and nurses are protected from unsafe and illegal assignments.

Celebrate Nurses Week With Us!

Help us celebrate National Nurses Week with a special get-together and gifts for members!

Meet Our New Chapter Officers!

Congratulations to our new Providence Tarzana Medical Center Chapter Officers and Executive Board Representative! Thanks to all members who came out to vote! Officers will work hard to ensure that our Union contract is followed and that we are informed of and involved in what’s happening at the localwide level of our Union.

121RN Chapter Officer Elections March 24

Come on your break, before/after work, or on your day off to cast your vote for who you want to represent 121RN members as our Chapter Officers and Executive Board Representatives.

Get Your Copy of Our Union Contract Jan. 6!

Our new SEIU Local 121RN contracts will arrive the week of
January 4, 2016! We will celebrate the arrival of our new contracts, answer questions about the new contract including wage scales, and address representation matters.

Members Ratify New Tarzana Contract!

Our new contract with hospital management was overwhelmingly ratified on October 14 at Tarzana Hospital Medical Center. Congratulations!

Tarzana Team Reaches Contract Agreement!

Our contract has been settled and a strike averted; all that remains is for the membership to vote and ratify our new contract. Below are some of the details of new and/or changed language. Please make sure to attend the ratification vote on Wed, October 14, 2015 in the Cafeteria from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. We, your Bargaining Team, recommend a YES vote!

We Elected Our New Bargaining Team!

Our Providence Tarzana Medical Center Bargaining Team will work hard to preserve the benefits we’ve previously won, and will propose new improvements in our wages, benefits and working conditions during negotiations with our hospital’s management team.