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Union Stewards

Stewards are mentors and advocates for union members with questions or concerns at work. We organize members to address issues as a group instead of dealing with them alone. We accompany and support members in meetings with management to ensure a fair process in which everyone is heard. Our training program gives stewards the skills, knowledge and resources to make us effective advocates and organizers at work.

If you are interested in becoming a Union Steward or Leader, please click on and print the document linked here. Fill it out completely and return to:

SEIU Local 121RN
1040 Lincoln Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

FAX: (626) 395-7538

The Stewards Manual

The Stewards Book outlines stewards’ various duties and responsibilities in the workplace.  Chapters range from “Dealing with Management” to “The Steward as Political Activist.”  The book also provides a handy checklist of things stewards need to know, have, and do.  For a hard copy, contact SEIU’s Fulfillment Center at (202) 842-9872, or e-mail

The Stewards Book
» Your Role As Steward: The Basics
Get the basics about what you need as a steward, what your protections and duties are, and how to welcome new workers to the job.

» Talking to Your Co-Workers
The how-to of explaining SEIU and how we work as a union, explaining our dues system, and what a difference the union makes.

» Problem-Solving 101
What do you do when confronted with a problem. This section teaches how to identify problems, what you have a right-to-know as steward, how to analyze the problem, and working with management to resolve issues quickly.

» Your Role As Steward: In-Depth
So, you’ve got a dispute in your workplace that’s not going away easily. Stewards wear many hats, and have lots of tools at their disposal to resolve issues short of filing formal grievances.

» Disputes and Grievances: Rights, Procedures and Best Practices
For the occasions when meetings between management and a member can lead to discipline or a grievance, read the step-by-step of the members’ (and your) rights, and how to formally craft grievances to reach the right resolution for workers.

» Glossary and Bibliography
Read about SEIU’s terminology and supporting information to find out more.

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