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Bargaining Team Addresses Healthcare Plan Changes, Etc

November 22, 2010

We presented the hospital with a number of bargaining proposals including:

Healthcare Plan Changes

Our contract says that the employer shall not reduce the employee health insurance coverage benefit and will not increase employee deductibles and/or copayments. We have filed a grievance as a result of recent increases in copayments and deductibles.

Security Alert!

There was an attempted attack on an employee in the parking lot as she was leaving work. All employees are urged to request a security escort at all times after dark. You may call Security at:  ext. 2121 or (818) 708-2121

Our contract language states: “The Employer will provide free Employee parking within a reasonable distance of the workplace. The Employer will make its best effort to provide security for Employees at all times in and around the Employer’s premises. After dark and subject to operational needs of the Employer, a security escort to the parking area will be made available at the request of an Employee.”

“Everyone should ask for a security escort when you go to your car at night, especially the Etiwanda lot, the parking structure and the bone yard. We fought hard for this contract language and, for your safety, we ask that you use it.” Sandy Thompson, RN

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