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Providence Wants to Subcontract OUR Jobs

March 15, 2011

Management wants our blessing to subcontract jobs at Tarzana. In other words, they want to be able to allow an outside company to come in and provide services within our hospital. They are not talking about new services that our hospital can’t provide. They want the ability to do this with any unit within the hospital. When the hospital outsources a unit within the hospital, our jobs go with it.

In their attempts to convince us, they said they can do it whether we want them to or not. They stated all they have to do is shut down the program or unit and then bring in another company to provide the service which would bill for services outside of the Providence system.

Many have probably heard about Providence’s plans to close the cardiac rehabilitation program.

While CEO Dale Surowitz said in the LA Daily News that the issue is not final, our Bargaining Team wonders if this is a test run for the hospital’s plan to outsource hospital services. You know: shut down the program, then hire an outside company to run the program at a cost-savings to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the staff who have become family to some of the 140 affected patients will be laid off.

Our Union will be discussing options with cardiac rehab 121RN members slated for layoff. One of the department’s employees has been a dedicated Tarzana worker since 1970.

We provide the highest quality, compassionate care to our patients. We treat our patients like they’re a part of our own family. We will not give Providence our permission to weaken our contract. Cardiac Rehab today. What’s tomorrow? The job you save by standing behind our Bargaining Team may be your own.

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