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Union Makes Benefit, Wage Proposals

March 21, 2011

Our Union gave management our economic proposal last week. We are still working on the seniority language, but wages, retirement and differentials were all addressed. We also discussed concerns raised by the hospital’s proposal to create day shift positions for new grads.

Survey Results

Members overwhelmingly indicated a need for improved retirement benefits. We designed our benefits proposal to include what was expressed by the majority of members who turned in surveys.


Our proposal would bring all RNs to scale and provide fair, across-the-board increases for the next three years.


Our retirement proposal attempts to put Tarzana employees at the same level as other Providence employees in Southern California. St. Joseph RNs receive retirement benefits, as do Tarzana managers.

We are essentially asking for a 401(a) plan. The main difference is that, unlike the 403(b) plan we already have, a 401(a) doesn’t require an employee contribution. The employer can provide funds based on years of service. This plan would provide Tarzana members with 3 to 6 percent of their eligible pay when they retire. Employees would be enrolled after working at least 1,000 hours in the prior year and would be vested after working five years with the hospital with at least 1,000 hours during each of those years.

Other elements of our Union benefits proposal:

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