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Providence Wants to Take Away

April 13, 2011

Providence management has put additional take-aways on the table, directly attacking the wages and standards of Local 121RN employees at Tarzana. Our Union has a history of raising standards for healthcare workers and patients. Maintaining these standards at Providence Tarzana will be a fight.

Providence proposed freezing wages for the two years of their proposal. This means no across-the-board increase and no step increases once the new wage scales are implemented. The hospital will implement the wage freeze by lowering wage scales by almost 6 percent over the life of the contract. They said during negotiations that no current employee will receive a wage reduction as a result, but so far they haven’t put that into writing.

Take-Aways At-A-Glance

Professional Employees

Providence has been hiring professional employees at a rate the employer chooses. That doesn’t change in the employer’s current proposal.

RN Wages

During our last contract, our Union won a wage scale for RNs. The wage scale removed raises based on favoritism, corrected wage disparities between equally experienced RNs, and created a scale that paid RNs based on their certifications and experience. Our goal was to raise standards and bring everyone to scale. With Providence’s proposal, more than 80 percent of workers will end up with wages “above scale” due to the freeze.

But what matters here is, even though management has verbally said no one will receive a reduction in pay, if you are expecting a wage increase or step increase after July, DON’T COUNT ON IT.

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