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Sleeping On-Shift Prohibited!

May 24, 2011

Just a reminder of hospital policy that sleeping is not allowed while on shift. When you are clocked in, you must be alert and working. Sleeping on the job can result in immediate termination. Below are the rules that were previously agreed upon by our Union and management.

1. Registered Nurses are allowed to rest their eyes during their 30-minute lunch break in the staff lounge without reprisal from management.

2. If RNs choose to sleep during this time, they must be clocked out and must clock back in on time.

3. The rest period must not disrupt patient care. RNs must report off to another RN and/or charge RN for coverage. In addition, write the name of the covering RN on sign-out sheet so it is clear who is covering the patient during the rest period.

4. RNs are not allowed to use any hospital linen (bed sheets, towels or blankets) for their rest period.

On another note, our contract will be back from the printer any day now. Union Representative Sonya Jimmons will notify members of the days she will distribute the new contract at each worksite.