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Our Union is Here to Help

May 24, 2011

Our Union is currently working on a grievance over the use of PTO in the same pay period as overtime. Our Union believes the contract allows members to decide whether or not to utilize PTO.

The dress code policy is still under discussion. We are pushing for the hospital to relax the policy for mandatory classes at the hospital, especially CPR, fire safety and MAB.

Keep in mind that our Union will be looking for Bargaining Team members for next year. Let us know if you are interested in being on the team or would like to nominate an RN co-worker.

Union Representative Mimi Holt is available to help members interpret contract language, as well as forward Patient Safety Forms to CNE and DHS (now CDPH). Please fax Patient Safety forms to (818) 760-8039.

Mimi is currently checking to make sure every 12-hour RN is offered three 15-minute breaks every day they work. Our Union is also combating the ongoing and pervasive problem of nurses working off-the-clock even though doing so puts their job and license in danger. If your clinical supervisor is requiring you to work off-the-clock, please call Mimi right away.