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Vote for Info Picket Just a Few Votes Shy of Unanimous

May 25, 2011

The overwhelming majority of Providence Tarzana RNs and Professionals voted to approve an Informational Picket. It was an impressive turnout for an important vote — our members have spoken! Our Bargaining Team has heard loud and clear that members don’t like management’s proposals and are willing to take action. Now it’s up to our Bargaining Team to determine if and when we’ll hold our picket. What happens in negotiations June 6 & 9 will likely be the deciding factor.

Stay tuned for their decision!

Some of the issues on the table:

Building Our Union

It takes a lot of participation by members to keep everyone informed, help our Bargaining Team get a good contract and to build our Union! On this page are Tarzana members who have volunteered to serve their unit by serving as a Union liaison. Let’s thank these members for going above and beyond the call of duty!

If you have questions about bargaining or how our Union can help resolve workplace issues, please contact a liaison in your unit or one nearby.

Peds / PICU : Angie Jimenez, Wendy McKinsey

DOU: Mary Rumohr, Rorelie Lavares, Carmen Vasquez, Jacqueline Natividad, Fe De Guzman, Daisy Kirkness, Chawewan Paradewelai

Med/Surg 4th: Georgia Levenberg, Bolette Arancel

ICU: Gertry Comden, Carmen Verano, Ramona Kawahara

CVICU: Kathy Parlevliet, Georgina Karson, Lillian de la Cruz

CVU: Yesenia Saravia, Vicky Heishan, Julie Company

NICU: Pam Senuty

OR/PACU: Jan West

Clinical Lab: Ronald J. Cunanan

ER: Luke Hallberg

Float Team: Sheila Harry

Post Partum: Jaime Davis, Verlicia Patterson

L&D: Adina Grod, Jane Maruyama

Misc.: Laura Zempel

PT: Golan Stuchinsky

Case Management: Shirley Drown

Pharmacy: Roger Weeks

OP 6: Debbie Philbrook

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