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Do Not Work After Clocking Out!

May 27, 2011

It has been brought to our attention that at the end of shift, many of you punch out and then continue to work. This is not recommended for many legal reasons, especially the fact that you are not covered by the hospital’s liability insurance or Workman’s Comp if you work while clocked out. It was explained that you are choosing to do this to complete your work. I am aware that you are being required to take three to four patients with no CNA, and this certainly adds to your workload. I brought this up to management when it was portrayed that RNs were not able to finish the required work during their shift. We did not get a reply.

There have been a few grievances regarding wrongful cancelations, but we want to remind you when you feel you have been wrongfully canceled, it is important to obtain information that helps substantiate that this took place. At minimum, write down those RNs who did work and submit these names to your steward. This really helps the grievance process move more smoothly.

We have also heard reports that your schedules are being changed without notice. This is prohibited by our contract and we ask that when this happens that you notify one of us. We also have been told that people are being asked whether they will accept regular pay before being given any overtime hours. Please do not agree to anything but the correct amount of pay for overtime.

We will continue to monitor and address these issues and your communications are encouraged to help give us a heads up about workplace issues.

Thank you, JoAnn Valdez- Kaiser and Toni Baker