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Hospital Sticks With Wage Freeze Proposal

June 22, 2011

Providence management continues to seek our Bargaining Team’s approval of their two-year proposal to freeze RN wages and lower the wage scale for new RNs by 3 percent each year. Our Union has fought hard over the years to establish an equitable wage scale that recognizes an RN’s years of experience and rewards dedicated employees. Providence Tarzana is a successful hospital due in large part to the loyal and hard-working staff who choose to spend their careers here.

Hospital’s Proposal

Our Union Proposal

Hospital to Discontinue Dues Deduction

Hospital management distributed a letter to 121RN members Monday with notice that they will discontinue dues deduction now that our contract is expired. They also detailed how to quit our Union. This is a common tactic employers use to try to weaken or break Unions when management feels threatened.

There is no need to panic: Our Union is strong and management can not make us quit our Union. Our members determine our Union membership.

One way we can do our part in keeping our Union strong is by continuing to pay our dues on our own. Our Bargaining Team and others are committed to a seamless transition to paying dues without management’s help. To that end, our Union has set up flat monthly rates and easy ways to pay.

What was it like to have no Union?

Have you ever thought about what it was like before we joined together in our Union? Some of our long-time RNs and Pros remember when:

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