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New Contract Specifies Cancellation Order

July 13, 2011

Agreement Also Details Priority for Extra Shifts

Our new contract ratified last year added language that specifies that cancellations be made by inverse seniority – the RN with the least amount of experience at Kaiser Moreno Valley – and that they rotate within clusters.

The Nursing Supervisor will now maintain a cancellation log for Inpatient Nursing departments which will include: The name, status /seniority of the employee, and a copy of the daily staffing guide for the relevant shift.

Called Off Out of Order?

If an RN is called off out of order, he or she may request to be placed on a priority list to work a future comparable shift. MVCH will make its best effort to work with employees on the priority list to find them a shift within their availability within 30 days.

When a shift comes available, it will be offered, in order, to employees on the priority list. An employee will have the right to refuse one offered shift, but if the employee declines a second shift within the 30 days, they will be removed from the priority list.

Cancellation Order

1. Volunteers

2. Registry

3. Travelers on extra hours

4. Per diem / on-call and limited part-time employees on overtime

5. Part-time on overtime

6. Full-time on overtime

7. Travelers

8. Temporary employees

9. On-call / per diem and limited part-time on scheduled shifts

10. Part-time on scheduled shift

11. Full-time on scheduled shift

Other Specifics:

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