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RNs Eligible for $200 CEU Reimbursement

July 27, 2011

Thanks to our new collecting bargaining agreement, JFK Registered Nurses are eligible to receive $200 per year reimbursement from the hospital for Continuing Education Units. Contact HR for specific submission guidelines.

Classes must be completed within the same year as the request for reimbursement, and RNs may only make one request each year. Active employees classified as full-time or part-time I at the time of class registration and completion are eligible.

Other requirements:

Contract Language Defines Job Vacancies, Posting & Bidding

Our new contract also outlines how job vacancies will be posted, who may bid on jobs and in what order of preference, as well as restrictions on bidding.

Jobs must now be posted for seven days before the hospital fills the vacancy. Posting will include the hours, shift, wage rate or range, days off and whether the days off are fixed or variable, as well as primary assignment and work duties.

Any RN who has completed his/her probationary period may apply for a posted vacancy by submitting a written bid form to HR. Probationary RNs may only apply for vacancies within the same department in which they currently work.

The order of preference for filling vacancies is:

1. Full-time and part-time RNs from the same department, including those on layoff.

2. Full-time and part-time RNs from other departments, including RNs on layoff.

3. Per diem RNs from same department.

4. Per diem RNs from other departments.

5. Full-time and part-time RNs from another Tenet facility in California covered by an SEIU contract containing these same seniority provisions.

There are additional classifications on the preference order and RNs should consult Article 5 of our contract before bidding on a vacant position. There are several restriction on bidding.

RNs who are promoted to a new position or who transfer to another position through the bidding process will receive the appropriate orientation and will have up to 30 days of evaluation of their performance. The RN has the option to return to their former position within 10 days with no loss. If the RN fails to perform satisfactorily within in the 30 day evaluation period, the RN will be returned to his/her former position including shift, assignment and scheduled hours with no loss of seniority.

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