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Managers Trying to Push RNs Out of CL Group

August 9, 2011

Our Clinical Ladder Committee meeting was different on Tuesday, August 2. When our RN committee members walked in, the entire table was filled with managers and directors, most of whom are not voting committee members. Since management has already made it clear during contract negotiations that they want to take decision-making power away from the Clinical Ladder Committee – and away from RNs – it’s pretty clear they’re literally trying to push us out the door.

In fact, CL Committee Chair Kevin MacVane, RN, Short Stay, had to ask managers to “make room” and add a chair so he could sit at the table.

This is a new development considering, prior to the hiring of our new CNO, the Clinical Ladder Committee, including managers on the committee, agreed and signed off on our Union’s proposal to establish Clinical Ladder resource RNs or “super users” to guide RNs new to the Clinical Ladder process. After we proposed this very change for our new contract, management flat out rejected the proposal.

Our Clinical Ladder program is second-to-none and it is a win-win program for both the management team that wants to attain “magnet” status and our RNs, who benefit from the professional development and accompanying wage increase. Clinical Ladder eligibility must be EARNED every year; it is not free money. Management should do everything they can to help this program thrive.

“We’ve always encouraged Clinical Ladder being an ‘open door’ committee, but the message is loud and clear that management wants to take our voice away. The committee is supposed to be RNs and managers working together to further an RN’s professional development. We will not allow management to push us out.” Kevin MacVane, RN, Clinical Ladder Co-chair

Union Proposals Outstanding

Our Union submitted all of our proposed changes to our contract to management by May 31, the last negotiations session we have had. We have not heard back on many of them and management cancelled bargaining dates scheduled for June 13, July 7 and August 3.

Here’s what’s outstanding:

Article 11: Leaves of Absence (Union proposed combining previous contract articles 46 / Leaves of Absence, 47 / Personal Leave of Absence, 48 / Bereavement leave.)

Article 19: Classification and Wages, including Appendix B Wage Scales

Article 20: 6/2 Scheduling Program for Night Shift RNs (new article)

Article 21: RN Clinical Ladder (Union proposed current contract language)

Article 22: Supplemental Registry Pool

Article 24: RN Certification Bonus Pay (Union proposed current contract language)

Article 26: Educational Reimbursement

Article 27: Benefits (Union proposed combining previous contract articles 39 / Health Benefits and 40 / Pension)

Article 28: Paid Time Off and Cash Out (Union proposed combining previous contract articles 41 / Paid Time Off and 42 / Paid Time Off Cash Out)

Article 32: Union Security, COPE Check Off

Article 33: Union Representation (Union proposed combining previous contract articles 12 / Union Stewards, 13 / Union Representatives, 14 Employee Representatives to Union Negotiations Committee, 17 / Union Bulletin Boards, and 18 / Use of Facility Conference Rooms)

Article 38: Exclusive Agreement, Terms of Agreement

Appendix A: Day Surgery Side Letter (Union proposed current contract language)

Appendix B: Wage Scales

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