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Know Your Rights - Paycheck Errors

September 8, 2011

According to our current contract, the hospital is supposed to correct their payroll errors in excess of $50 within three days. When this happens, the only way to ensure that the hospital issues a check for money owed is to keep their feet to the fire. When you receive your paycheck, you should:

If you are not able to inspect your Kronos on a weekly basis, or if the hospital does not provide a check to you within three workdays, talk with a steward or union representative.


A paycheck error resulting in an underpayment in excess of $50.00 that is a result of an error made by the facility shall be corrected, with a check issued, within three (3) weekdays from the date an employee submits a completed payroll discrepancy form to his or her department manager (or designee in the absence of the manager).

Paycheck errors in any amount that are due to an error made by the employee (including, but not limited to failure to clock in or out) and errors in amounts less than $50.00 that are a result of an error made by the facility will be corrected on the first payroll check distributed at five (5) or more days after submission of the payroll discrepancy form. The foregoing does not imply a grace period for late or missing paychecks, which must be remedied consistent with the law.

No later than 5:00 p.m. Friday of each week, each Department will print or provide employees with access to the Kronos report so that employees will have an opportunity to review and report any errors that may have occurred. The Hospital will correct payroll errors that occur over the weekend immediately preceding the close of the pay period.

The hospital is also now supposed to provide periodic information which will help us understand our paycheck and better inform us on sick leave accrual, vacation and deductions.


44.3 The Hospital will periodically and upon request provide employees with information necessary to interpret any codes or abbreviations on the employee’s pay stub.

44.4 The Hospital shall provide each employee with his/her sick leave accrual on each pay check.

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