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RNs Should Have Received June, July Step Raises

October 4, 2011

As per our previous contract, you should have received your step increase if your anniversary date with the hospital was in June or July. If you did not receive a step increase that was due to you, contact Union Representative Judith Serlin.

RMBA Contributions Posting Soon

To be eligible for a RMBA contribution, employees must meet a 1,500 hour requirement for the calendar year. The contribution is then made between April 30 and December 31 of the following year. The RMBA is a 1 percent retirement contribution made by the hospital.

Employees can go the R2R site or call to the System Retirement office at 866-776-8727 for information specific to their individual account.

If you met the 1,500 hour requirement in 2010, be sure to look at your 403(B) Basic Plan statements in the next two pay periods. If you do not see your RMBA contribution under “Annual Employer Contribution,” contact the System Retirement office immediately to resolve the error.  If you encounter problems correcting the situation with the System Retirement office, contact your steward or Union Representative.

Important New Scheduling, Extra Shift Info

Work Schedules & Posting

1. Employees must submit schedule requests six weeks in advance.

2. Full-time and part-time employees will be given first priority of shifts and placed on the schedule.

3. Once FT and PT employees have been scheduled, per diem employees will be placed on the schedule based on hospital needs, the per diem agreement (Appendix F), their availability, and open shifts available.

4. The hospital shall continue its existing scheduling practice(s) on a cost center basis, and incorporating scheduling priority #2 and #3 above. Provided such requests are submitted in a timely manner and that they are consistent with departmental or unity needs and the operating requirements of the hospital, the respective manager or his/her designee will consider and make a reasonable effort to grant employees’ scheduling requests, on a first-in basis, with seniority utilized to resolve any conflicts (this does not apply to vacation scheduling).

5. The employer will post work schedules at least four weeks in advance.

6. Once FT, PT and per diem staff are scheduled and the schedule is balanced, requests for extra shifts will be accepted based on hospital needs, , but the respective Nursing Manager or designee up until such time that the schedule rolls to the Nursing Office scheduling system. After the schedule rolls, extra shifts must be requested through the Nursing Office. Extra shifts must be clearly identified as such on the schedule.

7. A request by an employee to change a posted schedule must be approved in writing by the departmental Director or his/her designee.

8. A regularly scheduled employee may trade a shift or workday with another regularly scheduled employee provided they have substantially equal competencies. Shift trades are subject to the written approval of the department Director or designee and, except in emergency situations, should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance. Shift trade may not be approved if it would increase overtime or premium costs for the employer.

9. After the schedule has been posted, an employee’s schedule will not be changed without his/her consent, except in case of unforeseeable and unavoidable operational needs or emergency.

10. There will be no makeup days.

11. The hospital will use its best efforts to avoid adding mandatory classes after a final schedule has been posted.

Contract Changes That Become Effective Oct. 9

Following are the contract changes that will go into effect beginning Oct. 9, according to Tarzana management:

Job Vacancies Job vacancies will be posted for 7 calendar days before being filled. Preference for filling job vacancies has changed to, but are all subject to seniority rules:

Scheduling, Extra Shifts Detailed information on these changes are contained in the article at the top of this page.

Floating Extra shifts have been added to the float order so that extra shifts float before RNs on their regular shift. Floating clusters have also changed so that monitored beds, CVU/DOU are separate from Critical Care ICU/CVICU/Prep & Hold.


Shift differential will be calculated on new criteria:

Call-back will be paid at time and a half (1.5X).

Charge differential for relief and  permanent charge RNs appointed during this contract term will be $3.50 per hour. Employees in a permanent Charge RN position prior to this contract’s implementation will be grandfathered in at the 10 percent additional base pay.

The Weekend Differential is now $2 per hour. Weekend double time is discontinued.

RNs will not receive anniversary date wage increases through the term of this contract.

Holidays An RN will receive holiday pay for the entire shift if 50 percent or more of the employee’s hours worked falls on the holiday.

In-House Registry While our In-House Registry program has been eliminated, RNs will be paid overtime for additional shifts according to wage and hour laws. You can request extra shifts from your manager or the Nursing Office after the schedule has been finalized.

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