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Update from the Labor Management Committee

October 26, 2011

At the Labor Management meeting, Stewards Monique Johnson, Elley Langsam and Kathleen Burke addressed the following concerns:

Safety and Security

Kathleen Burke, ER Steward, addressed security concerns and Elley Langsam, L&D Steward, the need for additional lighting outside the cafeteria patio to the parking lot. Our Union requested a copy of the 2011 Hospital Security Management Plan and requested having input into the 2012 assessment and plan.

Milton Roldan, ER, and other 121RN members were instrumental in passing a law in 2009 which amended California’s Health & Safety Code, Section 1257.7.  As a result, the hospital must now conduct, at minimum, an annual security and safety assessment and annually update the security plan. The code also mentions that in developing the plan and the assessment, the hospital shall consult with affected employees.

Safe Patient Handling

After a major contract fight over this issue, our union won contract language that says: The hospital will maintain a policy that addresses safe patient handling for all patient care units. The RN is required to notify the appropriate Department Director or House Supervisor if s/he has a reasonable belief that adequate assistance for safe patient handling is unavailable.

West Hills stewards have repeatedly requested a copy of the hospital’s policy and learned at Labor Management that the hospital is finally working to create a policy. The timing is no accident. Governor Brown just signed Assembly Bill 1136, which requires employers to maintain a safe patient handling policy, as defined for patient care units. The law also requires hospitals to provide trained lift teams, as defined, or staff trained in safe lifting techniques. The safe patient handing policy would require the replacement of manual lifting and transferring of patients with powered patient transfer devices, lifting devices or lift teams as specified.

Google “AB 1136 Swanson” to read the entire bill.


The hospital is demanding that RNs have 100 percent compliance with scanning. Steward Monique Johnson pointed out that until glitches are taken out of the system, nurses will never be able to attain 100 percent compliance.  She reported that it is hard to scan round shaped vials and IVPBs. If you are interested in helping address this issue, send a mox to Monique Johnson.

Needle-Stick Injuries

Needle-stick injuries have made up a significant amount of injuries at the hospital. Today, safer needles are available than the ones used at West Hills, including self-sheathing needles, plastic needles, or needles with retractable devices. Monique Johnson and Elley Langsam brought this to the hospital’s attention and asked them to look into it.

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Reminder – You need to sign a declination form by November 1 if you choose not to get a flu shot. You may have a steward or Union representative represent you and assist you in presenting relevant facts to the Infection Control Practitioner.

Grievances on Paycheck Errors – If you attend a mandatory education class after your 12-hour shift, you should receive double time for all hours after 12 in a day.  Look carefully at your paycheck.  If you have not been paid correctly, fill out a payroll correction form or contact a steward.

Available Shifts – If you sign up to work an extra shift and are not selected to work the shift, talk with a steward.

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