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Grievances Filed Over Hospital Denial of Extra Pay Per Contract

November 8, 2011


Our Union has filed a grievance on behalf of all RNs who have worked as a Resource Nurse or TL due to the hospital discontinuing the 5 percent differential. This is a contract violation, a violation of past practices, as well as a violation of management’s agreement to maintain all current practices until our Clinical Ladder is established to addresses these issues. Our Union is seeking back pay for all RNs who were denied the 5 percent TL / Resource Nurse differential, as well as an order that the hospital cease and desist this practice.

Our Union has filed a grievance against management on behalf of RNs who were denied a referral bonus. JFK has told employees that they don't pay out for referral bonuses. This is a violation of the our collective bargaining agreement with management. We want the hospital to reinstate the referral bonuses, as well as reimburse any employee who was denied a referral bonus.

A class-action grievance has been filed on behalf of RNs who were denied preceptor pay as required by our collective bargaining agreement. Our Union is seeking back pay for all RNs who have not received properly claimed preceptor pay and for JFK management to cease and desist the practice immediately.


Clinical Ladder meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month to establish a criteria for Clinical Ladder. If you are interested in helping design our JFK Clinical Ladder, please contact our Union Representative.

Our Union Representative Debbie Jackson meets with Human Resources each Wednesday. If you see her making rounds, please stop Debbie and say hi if you have not yet met her.

All members will receive a 2% wage increase the first full pay period after July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013. There is an additional step increase the first full pay period after your month of hire each year if you are below the wage scale for your years of experience (up to a maximum of 3%). Any RN who is not at the appropriate level on the scale will be placed at scale by their years of experience the first full pay period after July 1, 2013. All RNs should be at scale based on years of experience by the first full pay period after July 1, 2013.