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Contract Outlines Pay Increases, Wage Scales

November 14, 2011

Our collective bargaining agreement with JFK management for 2011 through 2013 is designed to bring all RNs up to our agreed-upon wage scale that details exactly how much an RN should be paid for the years of experience worked as an RN. These wage scales represent a 2 percent increase in pay for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

According to our contract, ”On July 1, 2013, Registered Nurse who are not already placed on the wage scales based on their years of experience will be placed at the appropriate step based on their years of experience. If they are below scale, will have their base pay rates adjusted accordingly.”

On July 1, 2011, our Wage Scale increased by 2 percent. RNs below the Wage Scale should have received a pay increase of 2 percent to their base hourly rate. Nurses who were above the scale for their years of experience should have received a lump sum payment equal to 1.25 percent of their FTE component. For per diems, the bonus was calculated using 1.25 percent of the actual hours worked during the 12 months preceding.

On July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013 the Wage Scales will again increase by 2 percent and RNs will receive a 2 percent wage raise, except those already above the 2012 Wage Scales. Those RNs will receive another 1.25 percent lump sum payment as outlined above for 2011.

Anniversary Raises

In addition, Registered Nurses who are at or below the scale on the anniversary of their hire date will advance to the next step on the wage scale on that anniversary date. RNs whose wage rates are below scale on their anniversary will receive a wage increase of up to 3 percent in order to bring them to scale. RNs above the scale will not receive a step increase on their anniversary date. Registered Nurses who are less than one full step above scale will advance to the next step on their anniversary date, subject to the 3 percent annual cap.

As shown in bold above, RNs who are still not being paid the wage indicated on the 2013 Wage Scale for their number of years of experience, will be placed at the appropriate step and their pay rates adjusted accordingly.

Click here to view complete flyer and 2013 wage scale. Once flyer is open, scroll to the second page to see the wage scale.