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New Chapter Officers, Stewards Elected

December 8, 2011

After voting on Dec. 6-7, the following 121RN members were elected as leaders or stewards. If you are having a workplace issue, please talk to a steward so they can help you find a solution.

Chapter President: Kevin MacVane, Short Stay, Ext. 73620

Chapter Vice President: Eileen Kenny, Cath Lab, Ext. 76900

Chapter Secretary: Shelley Vickrey, OR, Ext. 74343

Chief Steward: Stella Kennedy, OR, Ext. 74343


Cindy Triola, ICU, X73520 Alice Carlson, OR, X74343 Laura Thibodeaux, 4NE, X76400 Debbie Casagrande, 4S, X73640 Everly Canaria, 6NE, X76860 Nora Santos, 3N, X73530 Mary Fekete, ICU, X73520 Dedra Hasley-Pires, 4NE, X76400

Congratulations to our new officers and stewards, and thank you for volunteering your service to St. Joseph RNs!