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NLRB Complaints Issued Against Hospital Due to Union Action

January 17, 2012

Contract Update: We have proof-read the contract and are preparing it for print. Also related to our recent contract fight, the NLRB will issue a complaint against the hospital because management would not let our members wear the 121RN scrubs because of the Union insignia. Good news!

NLRB Charge Won: We won another NLRB charge concerning a patient’s chart (for representational purposes). This is an important win which hopefully other HR Directors will note so no one else has to go to the Board.

As a result of the changes in the healthcare laws and because of the new CNO and new managers, the Union has been handling a number of disciplines.

The hospital has been cleaning house according to DOU staff RNs. In the past two weeks, four employees have been discharged or suspended. Jim Owen has been talking to the new DOU Manager regarding his observations and the stewards will address issues at the Patient Care Committee. Stewards in other units have been active representing their co workers as well, notably Sue Stephens in NICU and Sandy Thompson in ER.

Good News: The Women and Children’s nursing manager was walked off the premises just before the holidays. Congratulations to Karen Pelone for helping make this happen and to the RNs in Post-Partum for having the courage to step up and say "no." The manager was abusive to the point of touching employees in a threatening manner and making abusive comments. She told Charge RNs that they were not to befriend co-workers with whom they have worked for years. She ordered the staff and specifically the Charge RNs not to question her orders, in public or in private. She also told her Charge RNs, “You will support me on this,” … or else. Staffing had sunk to new lows and the RNs did not have the supplies they needed to care for the patients properly. The RNs were nervous about working against the manager, but once the RNs agreed to discuss the matter, management acted quickly.