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RNs Concerned About CNA Reduction

January 18, 2012

RNs are concerned about the reduction in CNA staff. One CNA gets an average of 12 patients and only one CNA to cover the sub-acute area. L & D only has one RN to cover and they have been told by the house supervisors that the BRN has said that is okay when census is low. They are told they can have someone on call and they can get the house supervisor to help them. The RNs feel that this is not what it says in Title 22 so the issue has been referred to Judy Saito for follow up. The nurses have been told to keep dates and fill out ADOs. The more outspoken the nurses have been has made a difference. They are putting the extra nurse back.

Our Union Representative is trying to get a Patient Care Committee started at El Monte. The RNs at Garfield participate in a PCC and it works well and is a benefit to the members.

A nurse from the ER was told that the Union contract said she couldn’t be paid an In-House Registry rate because she wasn’t on the list. Our Union Rep got all the paperwork from the nurse where they had agreed to pay her the IHR rate and took it to HR. Once HR was notified that I would take it to the Labor Board if they didn’t fix it, the RN was paid the IHR rate.