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Sedona Surgical RNs Join Local 121RN

January 27, 2012

1. Sedona Surgical center nurses have chosen to join our Bargaining Unit. They will step into the existing JFK Memorial Collective Bargaining Unit (CBA).

2. Our Union is meeting with the new Director for Mother-Baby on Friday, Jan. 27.

3. The Peds unit does not have a break room or restroom. Nurses there are not being relieved to go to the restroom, lunch and/or breaks. Our Union is meeting with Peds Director Karen Fiala and HR Director Bill Peterson on the issue.

4. RNs are experiencing problems in the ER. Members are being treated differently and being disciplined by the Director when they request a transfer or inquire about transferring. Our Union has brought the issue to the attention of management and is working to correct it.

5. Some departments have new job descriptions without our Union being notified. We are meeting with Bill Peterson on this issue, as well.

6. We are waiting to get the edited CBA back from Tenet so we can print the new contract.

7. Members should keep an eye out for an upcoming flyer for our Membership Meeting.