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Management Agrees to Some of Unions' Lockdown Requests

February 10, 2012

Our RCH Unions, SEIU Local 121RN and UHW, met with HCA Attorney Connie Shiffler and RCH Director of Labor Relations Geoff Miller Thursday, Feb. 9, to discuss the "lockdown" status. I asked that management lift employees' restricted access at the hospital, as well as for management to restrict visitor access to certain floors by issuing a badge, NOT wristbands.

HCA and RCH management agreed to a compromise. They have agreed to give us access from outside the building to our units/ departments. It is our choice which door we wish to enter. We can still enter and exit the hospital from the third floor parking garage, but now we can also choose a door closer to our unit. Once inside the building, your access will be the same (getting into your unit, swiping in and out, lunch, etc.).  For example: ER employees can enter the hospital from the glass doors next to the elevators by ER and ambulance loading dock.

Going through the lobby is still not allowed except to discharge a patient. Once the patient is discharged from the valet parking area, you may return to your unit through the lobby.

Please let me know ASAP which outside door you choose to enter and exit the hospital because security will need to “key in” this access point to your badge. I will draft a proposal on which entry/exit point each unit should use and why, and submit it in two weeks at the next scheduled meeting with the HCA Attorney and HR.

I also asked that they return to issuing badges to visitors and not wristbands, and enforce visiting hours.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience,

Donna M. Sigaty, RN Local 121RN Field Representative